Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a special class of headphones that have the functionality to reduce unwanted ambient sounds or noise to enhance the listening experience. While they are similar in design to regular headphones, there are a few modifications that make the difference and in some cases, a few electrical components are added on the inside for better quality noise cancelling.

There are two types of noise cancelling headphones and they are better known as active and passive noise cancelling headphones. Passive ones work based on purely physical methods such as the right amount of padding on the earpieces or extra sponge near the speakers to ensure that ambient sound doesn’t get in the way of the music or audio. These can effectively cancel about 50% of the background noise at no extra power consumption.

Active noise cancelling headphones work by judging the sound in the background and emitting a signal that is opposite to the background noise. This is why the active headphones have certain extra microphones and emitters and draw more power from the device they are connected to. Active noise cancelation can effectively remove background noise by 80% and enrich the listening experience. The signal that is emitted is known as the antinoise and it is helpful for listening to music or any other audio without raising the volume too high thereby risking eardrum damage. For the extra power, most noise cancelling headphones have to be provided with a battery.

There are several advantages to using noise cancelling headphones over normal ones and here we mean the ones capable of antinoise as almost all headphones have enough padding to block out the unwanted noise. By using noise cancelling headphones, the quality of audio reaching your ears is enhanced several fold. The bass remains deep and the voices are rich and crisp without any buzzing or distortion. Moreover, you can keep out distracting sounds such as those from a bus or an airliner when traveling. As mentioned before, noise cancelation limits the volume you have to use and you can keep your ears safe from any damage.

When buying noise cancelling headphones, it is essential to know as much as you can about them and that is why we have detailed reviews about the best headphones in the market today. These are suitable for recreational listening and for semi-professional audio activity but are not meant for professionals like pilots. The headphones we have here offer a large selection and you can make the right choice based on the features, the quality and the price. Moreover, remember that the power consumption of the headphones that you are buying should be within the capability of your device to protect its battery from dying out. These reviews were made after thorough testing of the headphones and almost all of them were found to be top notch. Several users were also consulted while reviewing and their experiences were given due consideration while preparing the reviews.