Klipsch Image S4

The in-ear pair of headphones from Klipsch, Image S4’s primary features are noise cancellation and bass enhancement. Its piano black finish makes it more attractive and stylish. It does not require any battery to run and is compatible with iPods, iPhone and all other products that have a standard 3.5mm jack.

To start with, the build is very good. It is solid, and the two year warranty that comes along with a pair makes its durability more trustworthy. The oval ear tips, which are flexible and soft add to the comfort. The oval ear tips come in three different sized – small medium and large, which I personally found very useful when being used by different members of the family. In addition, the ear tips are flexible, washable and extremely light, completing the comfort that these provide. The ear tips also feature as an acoustic seal, which helps in cancelling unwanted external environmental noise. For in-ear headphones, which have relatively lesser noise cancellation effectiveness that over the ear ones, these achieve satisfactory amounts of noise cancellation.

The sound quality is excellent. As is promised, the bass is enhanced and the clarity is wonderful. This is done by the dual magnet micro speaker. In all honestly, there were parts of a song I discovered after listening with these pair of headphones. The instrument definition is very clear. The enhancement of bass has not shifted focus from the treble, and the music I listened to was complete. I am not an audiophile as such, but I could certainly appreciate the songs more. The tin that comes along with a pair of these is sturdy and compact. However, if you don’t want to crush these headphones, you must remove the padding and then place them. They are light weight, hardly occupy any space and therefore make for excellent travel companions.

As far as drawbacks go, there are not any features that are lacking, or ones that have posed particular problems for me. It has been a rather common complaint that the wires are too thin, but I would not question their durability, as they have worked well for me. However, these are best suited only for compressed music formats, such as mp3 and mp4. If you have audio files in non-compressed format, then you will experience some problems with respect to sound quality. Also, these are primarily noise cancellation headphones. Hence, if you aren’t looking for noise reduction, then you must most definitely not go for these headphones.

The sound quality to cost ratio for these pair of headphones is very high. For less than $100, these are excellent, and definitely worth the price.


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Great sound quality – Bass, mids and highs are all given equal importance, making for a clear and complete audio experience
  • Worth the price

  • Not suitable for non-compressed audio files, but works well with mp3 and mp4 formats
  • Wire might be a little thin