Sony MDR-NC200D

Sony MDRNC200D Digital Noise-Canceling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Price: $181.99

3.7 out of 5 stars (174 customer reviews)

12 used & new available from $86.84

Sony has brought out yet another high-end noise cancelling headphone, the MDR-NC200D. There is a promised 98.2% noise reduction, fuelled by one AAA battery, with a battery life of up to 22 hours. For over the ear headphones, these are pretty light, weighing just about 1.5 pounds. It comes with an airline specific adapter, to connect to in-flight entertainment systems. All these factors make it the perfect travel companion.

The first and foremost reason why you should consider buying these pair of headphones is the noise cancellation. It is excellent, and makes use of digital technology. There are three different noise cancelling modes – Airplane mode, Bus/Train mode and Office mode, all of which come in handy and optimise the noise cancelling depending on the environment. It also comes with intelligent auto-selection, which automatically recognises and chooses the most appropriate noise cancelling mode. With flight journeys in particular, amongst other things, there is a monitor button that can be used to listen to in-flight announcements and flight attendants, without removing the headphones. Also, the noise cancelling can be turned off, to turn on passive listening and save on battery life. The headphones are also extremely comfortable and come with extremely soft padding of the ear cups. They are light, and I’ve worn them for long hours without experiencing any particular discomfort. The ear pads are flexible and the headband is adjustable, which helps maintain a proper fit. The cord is thick, and the build is solid, making them very durable. They are foldable, and come with a carrying case that can also accommodate other accessories like iPods and mp3 players. This makes them portable, and very travel efficient.

The sound quality, however, has proven to be a small problem. In lower volumes, the sound is crisp and very clear. I experienced no problems as such, and enjoyed the audio experience. However, when listening to songs at higher volumes, I experienced considerable amounts of distortion. The static was very evident, and was present throughout. This problem has been experienced by a number of other users, and is definitely one to be considered if you enjoy listening to music at loud volumes. For those of you who stick to medium to low volumes, the sound quality is good, although not great. For $200 that you pay for these, better sound quality is definitely expected and the distortion is a major flaw. However, if it fits well within your budget, and you are not too picky about what you listen to then you might want to consider these pair of headphones. Especially, if you are looking at noise cancelling as the main feature, and sound quality takes a comparative back seat, then you can most definitely give these a shot.


  • Very good noise cancelling technology – comes in three different modes
  • Very comfortable – light weight and soft padding
  • Easily portable – the carrying case hardly occupies any space in comparison to its counterparts in the market

  • High volume distortion
  • A bit expensive for the sound quality